Binder Park Zoo is offering up some live streaming to both educate and entertain (some parents might pronounce that "distract) youngster who are homebound for the duration of the Stay Home, Stay Safe quarantine.

The zoo is closed for the same reasons as stated about, but staff has installed a webcam that is showing the return of its animals to the zoo's savanna.

"The resident animals are making their way back to their outdoor habitats to celebrate the return of spring and the 2020 zoo season.  Animals who call the zoo’s 18-acre savanna exhibit in Wild Africa home are returning to the outdoor area for the first time this season. Binder Park Zoo has recently installed a new live web camera (“ZooCam”), which allows visitors to view the zoo’s savanna from their homes." - Binder Park Zoo

The zoo says its "ZooCam" gives you remote access "to watch giraffe, zebra, waterbuck, addra gazelle, addax and bontebok as well as ostrich, vultures and storks go about their business in real time." The zoo says the best viewing times are mid-morning, (somewhere around 9:00-10:30am) That's when "animals are released in the morning, and again later in the afternoon from 2:00-3:00pm as they begin to shift back to their overnight holding."

One thing the zoo warns is the current cold and sometimes snowy weather does have an effect on whether some of the animals (especially the African species) are out.

Access the webcam pictures at or their Facebook page.

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