A flavorful a la carte menu and informational meetup for newcomers is being planned for a vegan dining experience at Bell's.

Known for the beer that bears their name, Bell's also has great food and exceptional live entertainment at their Eccentric Cafe downtown Kalamazoo. Now, once a month, they will be known for their vegan offerings.

Vegan Kalamazoo, whose mission it is to "provide a supportive social and learning environment for those following, or interested in, veganism or a plant-based diet within the Kalamazoo area," will be hosting a Vegan Night beginning Sept. 26.  Chef Daniel Basse will be presenting a meatless menu:

  • Appetizers
    Charred onion with Kim Chi, toast ,arugula, Korean BBQ sauce
    Roasted Beet salad, arugula, roasted red peppers, roasted onions, lemon zest, “feta”, rosemary beet vinaigrette
    Kung Pao Brussel sprouts/cauliflower, micro greens
  • Entrees
    Charred onion halves, Kim Chi, English pea rice pilaf, matcha BBQ sauce
    Stuffed red peppers, cayenne beet puree
    Roasted tomato salad, roasted tomato, chiffonade greens and herbs, tomato aspic, “feta”
  • Dessert
    Tofu carrot cake, candied carrot peels, spice cream cheese
    Poached pears, crème anglaise, chocolate mint leaves
    Coconut avocado mousse, candied walnuts, rosemary blueberries

Vegan Kalamazoo adds this caveat: "As always, at Vegan Kalamazoo events, *everyone* is welcome, including vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. However, out of respect for our mission, we request that you only order / consume vegan food at this event." The group meets at other area restaurants and plans to be back at Bell's Eccentric Cafe on Oct. 24 and Nov. 21.

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