The problem with major pro sports, and the NBA specifically, is living life in the middle is not good. Whether you like it or not, either you've got be really good or tank,  and hope for the highest draft pick in draft following the season.

Well, the Detroit Pistons haven't been really good pretty much since the time of the  2004 NBA championship team. But, to their credit, they haven't been really awful enough to get a difference maker in the draft.

Monday, Pistons owner Tom Gores decided to fire team president and coach Stan Van Gundy after four seasons. Van Gundy's record as coach was 152-176, with one playoff appearance in 2016.

Van Gundy inherited a team in 2013 that won only 29 games, and through trades and free agent signings, improved it to a playoff contender three years later. This season, Van Gundy acquired Blake Griffin from Los Angeles, and even after a promising 14-6 start, the team missed the playoffs. Essentially, the team is stuck in neutral, and Gores decided he wants more.

No names have emerged as candidates for either the coaching or front office jobs.


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