One of the best things about Facebook, especially during a pandemic, is that you have the ability to basically go garage sale-ing without actually having to go in person. I find most of the stuff listed on the Facebook Marketplace to actually be handy or valuable for most people. If you ever need anything for your house or yard, there usually seems to be something of good quality for a good price listed on it. If you follow it daily you can actually find some sweet deals before they get sold.

But lately I've been keeping my eye on some of the off the wall, fun, goofy and strange things for sale that people often list. This weekly scavenger hunt for the oddest things in our area has paid off as I deliver 3 more unique, odd and interesting things that are listed right now on the Kalamazoo Markeplace. This week I found some super cool and unique food related marvels in the marketplace that'll be great for you and your kids along with an adorable decoration for your home. Let's get to it:

Facebook Marketplace

1. Shark Molded Pigs-In-A-Blanket Maker $2- If you have kids this no doubt will be a super win for them and you. You basically just spray the mold, fill it halfway with pancake mix, toss a dog in there and boom! Pigs in a shark blanket.

Facebook Marketplace

2. Resin Panda Statue $10- Come on, how can you resist this adorable 9” tall resin panda statue. It's like new and just sat on a bedroom shelf. Don't resist the urge to have this in your home. You better get it before I do.

Facebook Marketplace

3. Vintage Porcelain Pizza Slice Plates (4) $35- Okay for real, how cool are these? You can eat your pizza one slice at a time and hook em up on these nifty pizza shaped plates. Sure cuts down on paper plate waste and a bunch of dishes taking up room in the sink. 

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