Let the food fight begin...Just for giggles, I went to Yelp and Trip Advisor's Restaurant review sections and hit the rank link, and came up with quite the Top 10 list.

Now, back to the headline; are these the best restaurants in town? Maybe, but what they really are, are the highest ranking ones based on user reviews.

Disclaimer: I only tallied restaurants that had at least 100 reviews. There were two new eateries (Kelvin and Co. and Pho on the Block) that ranked highly, but they've only been open a couple of months and only had around 30 reviews.

When you scroll down, you'll see the two lists weren't all that different.

(Warning: If you go to most of these restaurants' websites, the photography is really good. It will make you hungry.)

Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest at 816 S. Westnedge AVe. Photo: Google Street

1. Crow’s Nest, on South Westnedge, over by Chenery Auditorium
2. Rustica, on the Kalamazoo Mall
3. Bell’s Eccentric Cafe
4. Food Dance
5. Studio Grill
6. One Well Brewing
7. Shawarma King
8. Kalamazoo Beer Exchange
9. Martini’s
10. Gonzo’s Bigg Dogg Brewery

Bell's Eccentric Cafe
Bell's Eccentric Cafe, Kalamazoo Ave and Porter St. (Photo: Google Street)

(I would add, my favorite, Ray-Ray's would've made the list, but had just less than 100 reviews)

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