After hours of trying to get a bee out of my home, you won't believe how I did it.

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I believe in angry bees.  I've been chased around a few times in my life without threatening them.   I've heard people say that bees will leave you alone if you leave them alone, but in my case that never seems to work.  Last night a bee somehow followed me into my apartment after I tried running from it.  I didn't swat at it or anything but it wouldn't leave me alone.  I was freaking out a little because it wouldn't stop buzzing through my three rooms.

  • I tried opening windows and my sliding glass door, nope.  Bees are like flies, they have NO idea how to get back outside, even in a house made up of mostly windows. 
  • I have wasp and hornet spray but that could harm my three pets. 
  • I have Deet bug spray but bees don't care about your measly Deet bug spray. 

After shutting myself in my bedroom I thought to myself, "how the hell do I get rid of this thing before it stings me or one of my pets?"  Ding ding ding!  Hairspray.  It sounds evil but I would never resort to that unless an angry bee was flying around my safe zone.

I sneaked into the bathroom, grabbed my hairspray and waited patiently until it found a place to land, on my wall.  I slowly creeped up, sprayed it twice and it fell to the ground. It was struggling but I put it out of its misery right away.

I thought of hairspray because it keeps my hair together, it's sticky and bees can't fly if their wings are stuck.  I felt a sense of accomplishment as I flushed the poor guy down the toilet, but I felt bad afterwards.  He was probably just trying to find his way out after realizing that anger never solves anything.

No, you should not carry around hairspray killing bees because you're scared of them.  Hairspray should only be used as your LAST option.

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