The South Haven Lighthouse, known as the "South Pier Light" has been renovated and today it was unveiled

According to Mlive a massive task to "Save The Lighthouse" was put together in conjunction with the "Historical Association of South Haven" and the "Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program" to preserve the South Haven Lighthouse.

"The lighthouse has been surrounded by scaffolding and shrouded in plastic since early September while workers removed an estimated 10 coats of paint, made repairs and re-painted it with approximately 52 gallons of its signature red paint."

I adore lighthouse's; there is something comforting and magical about them. So here are 5 facts about lighthouse's you might not know.

  1. You can actually stay overnight in the lighthouse located at Big Bay Point!
  2. The Statue Of Liberty was originally a lighthouse, but her light in the torch was barely visible.
  3. There are only 680 lighthouses remaining in the United States.
  4. All light houses flash a different sequence so the ships captain can know where he is at.
  5. Michigan has the most light houses in America! We have over 120 lighthouses.

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