When thinking about our mortality, we tend to think of things in our control, like diet and exercise to keep ourselves healthy. But then there are the encounters in life that are not pleasant, like running into a black bear or a Black Widow spider, those could be deadly encounters. Believe it or not dog attacks lead the way in the northeastern U.S. and in California, venomous snakes lead the way. In Tennessee it’s spiders as the primary danger.

Here in Michigan we have our own group of snakes, spiders, toads and animals that can end your life if you are not careful. And as the title of this story suggests, these are creatures that already reside in the state of Michigan and are just waiting to meet you.
Murder Hornets are something to be concerned about, even though fortunately they have not been seen in our part of the United States, yet.
The Asian Murder Hornet have created plenty of fear in our country. We depend on our bee population a lot, and Murder Hornets attack hives and kill thousands of bees in a very short period of time by tearing their heads off.
Murder Hornet queens can grow to 2 inches long, and in Japan, they kill about 50 people a year. People who have been attacked by Murder Hornets warn of the hornet’s potent venom and stinger, long enough to picture a beekeeping suit. Victims have said their sting is like hot metal driving into your skin. So far they have been spotted in Custer and Blaine Washington.

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Now that we have established future fear for the Murder Hornets down the road, let’s look at current threats that can happen every day right here in Michigan. There are not a lot of them, but we definitely have some creatures that can kill or cause serious danger for humans.

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10 Michigan creatures that can kill you before the murder hornets get here!

There are lots of creatures in Michigan that can make you very sick, or kill you.

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