Carl Conyers, son of longtime Michigan congressman John Conyers, has been found safe.


Carl was last seen on Tuesday evening by his college roommate at the University of Houston. When he didn't show up for work on Wednesday, authorities were contacted.

Even though Carl left his apartment without his laptop, phone and wallet he did manage to send a tweet to his girlfriend. Daisha Lewis (his girlfriend) explains the situation to WWJ...

“He was able to message me on social media, on Twitter, and he asked me to meet him,” Lewis said. “He asked all his friends to come meet him on campus. When we got there — I didn’t feel right about it or thought maybe he was lying or someone was making him lie to meet us there because when we got there, he wasn’t there. When we got back to the apartment, his stuff was gone. He took his ID with him and a debit card and some clothes even. Like it was a distraction to get more stuff that he left behind.”

An extensive search was launched for Carl on Thursday, and late Thursday night his parents were informed that he was found. The reported...

"Monica Conyers said she received a call from University of Houston police overnight. The details of how her son was found were unclear to her, she said. She said her son needed a shower and hadn't eaten. He was resting, she said."

Monica Conyers, wife of Democratic Rep. John Conyers says her son, Carl is alive, safe and back with her.

Police are still investigating what happened over the last few days and where Carl was.