On Wednesday it was reported that the youngest son of long time  Michigan Democrat, John Conyers, went missing.


Carl is 21 year old student at the University of Houston, who is known around campus as being friendly, and involved in activities.

Carl was last seen by his roommate at their apartment on Tuesday, and was not heard from until an odd Twitter message was sent from friends.

USMagazine.com reported that his girlfriend has talked to the press about what happened next...

"Carl’s girlfriend, Daisha Lewis, told Detroit radio station WWJ that she and several other friends received a message from Carl’s Twitter account on Wednesday morning. “He was able to message me on social media, on Twitter, and he asked me to meet him,” Lewis said. “He asked all his friends to come meet him on campus. When we got there — I didn’t feel right about it or thought maybe he was lying or someone was making him lie to meet us there because when we got there, he wasn’t there. When we got back to the apartment, his stuff was gone. He took his ID with him and a debit card and some clothes even. Like it was a distraction to get more stuff that he left behind."

It has been reported that Carl left his phone, bike, keys and laptop behind. Also, no records have been discovered that Carl purchased an airline or bus ticket.

Currently, Houston Police are working on the case along with the FBI, the Secret Service and a private search also happening.

If you have any information please contact your local police station!