Hacksaw Ridge is not your typical "war movie."  Sunday Night is not your typical ticket price.  Movie Trailers, movie reviews and $5 ticket show times below.

Mel Gibson directed this surprising and emotional movie that stars Andrew Garfield, Teresa Palmer and Vince Vaughn.  Many people are saying that this is the best performances of each of their careers.

Heads up...the war scenes are disturbing.

You can see this movie for just $5 a ticket this Sunday Night at 6:10 PM and 9:10 PM at the Celebration Cinemas in Portage.

This movie trailer from Lionsgate Movies has 8.5 Million views to date.


Hacksaw Ridge - Movie Review from Chris Stuckmann "Movie of the Year."


YouTube channel: Tyrone Magnus shares his Hacksaw Ridge Official Trailer Reaction.



Bonus Video: Dana scares Tess AGAIN!