This weekend, I was up north at Boyne Mountain with my fiancé Kaysie and her family! 

Making the five-hour drive and gradually seeing no snow in Kalamazoo to a winter wonderland up north was a pretty big shock!

It was an awesome time, except I felt a little on the sissy side.

All the males on her side of the family went snowboarding and skiing while I said, "No thanks."

I am not as flexible as I used to be, and I knew it would be a good week of pain had I gone. All of the women decided to go to the spa and get massages. I liked that idea! So, instead of hanging with the men and going skiing, I went with all the women and got a 60-minute massage and hit the hot tub after. I felt great, instead of sore — so I feel like I made the right decision!

Will's Weekend at Boyne