What kid doesn't  LOVE a snow day?!? Now, a Michigan Superintend is putting kids to work on their surprise day off.

This is so cool. Hamilton Superintendent, David Tebo, takes advantage of social media and puts his students to work with fun tasks while they enjoy a snow day.

According to Mlive.com...

"The idea started three years ago as a way to spread kindness.

Tebo challenged the students in the Hamilton district to do something positive, and since then every snow day he's issued a new challenge.

For Monday's challenge, he asked the kids to read, play outside and make their own creative lunch."

Superintendent Tebo first sends out a Twitter message, then e-mails all the other kids in the district with the challenge for the day. Superintendent Tebo says that the students send him photos of them taking the challenge seriously throughout the day.

The Superintendent explains why the snow day challenges are so important for our kids..

"We only get so much time with kids, and every snow day we felt there was a loss of time with kids, so I thought is there a creative way for me to put something out to get kids doing something with this gift of time that we've given them. And hopefully try to give them some things to do,"

With the winter weather we have seen so far I believe many more challenges will be coming the Hamilton students way. Oh, and I would love to see some of the picture's the students take!