Do I find it creepy that my fiance takes pictures of me when I work?  A little bit.  However, it does serve as proof that I do manly things like use a chainsaw.

On a very humid, 94 degree Sunny day I decided to perform my manly moment of the month.  We had a tree that was very dead and very close to my house in the back yard.    I had a professional cut the tree down for me thinking that the rest would be easy.  I'm hilarious.

After buying a brand new chain saw Saturday Morning only to spend 3 hours trying to keep it running.  Then taking it back for another new chain saw.  It was a long hot weekend.

That's it!  No more manly moments from me until August.  My body aches.

Did you do anything manly this weekend?  Let me know on our official Facebook or Twitter.

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