WKFR's Krista Hatcher and Will Harvey along with myself (Jayni Angeli) went into an epic charity battle for The Food Bank of South Central Michigan in the "20th something" April Fools Day Media Celebrity Supermarket Sweep at The Family Fair Lakeview Supermarket in Battle Creek Michigan.

Our three-man team was one of many media teams from the Southwest Michigan area competing in the Supermarket Sweep.   Though the competition was tough, and we may have gotten last place and the wobbly wheel award, we all had a great time for a great cause.  All the food that was gathered was donated to The Food Bank here in our local community!

Check out the video below for more about our intense race!




The Food Bank of South Central Michigan serves 102,600 people each year; 17,000 different people each week. Their hunger-relief network is comprised of 285 different organizations in 8 counties operating 392 different programs.  For more information and how you can help click here.


Winning team Channel 3 news with the wobbly wheel team from WKFR.