We are sad because a brilliant voice has been silenced, way, way too soon. But if you appreciated Carrie Fisher work, that's some legacy to binge on.

I'm not a Star Wars fan. Saw the first movie and almost fell asleep. But I did see Carrie Fisher in some other great movies and TV shows.

So If you have some down time this weekend, while waiting for the Cotton Bowl.check out Carrie Fisher is some fine supporting performances.

1. When Harry Met Sally is maybe the greatest rom-com of all-time. And Fisher's Marie certainly added to this wonderful movie.

(ovafanboy vis YouTube)

The scene above, where the girlfriends are lunching and Marie bends/saves an index card with a potential candidate's name, for future use.

2. If you have Netflix, check out a season 2 episode, "Rosemary's Baby", of 30 Rock. She was wonderful as a has been comedy writer (Liz Lemon Future).

3. If you've never seen The Blue Brothers, Fisher was wonderful as the woman stalking John Belushi's "Joliet" Jake Blues.

(Jakeblues2011b via YouTube)

Another movie, this time one Fisher wrote, almost auto-biographically, was Postcards From The Edge".

So whether you're in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, or just in the sound of my voice, plop yourself on the couch this weekend and check these out and maybe a one of your own favorites.



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