Monday Morning Dana Marshall And Heather McGregor showed up to work in the same shirt!

Last week Dana Marshall showed up to working wearing sweatpants....

Dana Marshall/TSM
Dana Marshall/TSM

Even though Dana defends himself saying they are stylish sweatpants and that he was headed out on a road trip and wanted to be comfortable, Heather will not let it go.

That quickly lead to the challenge of "who dresses better".

The Rules Are Simple...

  • You can't go out of your way to dress up, you just wear what you normally would.

Now the gauntlet has been thrown down!

Then It Happened...

Dana and Heather showed up in the same shirt! Different colors (as you can see), and Dana was sporting a vee neck, while Heather was wearing a scoop neck. But it was the same shirt, do to that incident, the challenge is on!

Stay tuned to see who wins and your input is vital!

If you want to see the hottest trends in shirts, head over to Plato's Closet in Battle Creek!


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