I don't have a horse in this race, but I do know the last time I flew to Florida, I was delayed for at least 8 hours and ended having to rent a car. So when I get an email about traveling by train, I have to at least look at it. And it could be a cool treat, if you have kids.

Amtrak sent out an email saying they're adding service for the coming holidays.

The email I got was for Chicago, Detroit, Port Huron, Grand Rapids and here. I have to think a big amount of holiday travel for people around here is to either Detroit or Chicago, and Amtrak says they've added trains. Here's the schedule for Thanksgiving week.

Amtrak says they've got free wi-fi, two bags and two carry-ons are free, plenty of leg room and no middle seat. Pets are only $25.

We used to have a morning guy here (Kidd O'Shea) who always wanted to take a train vacation, and one year he did, riding the rails to see his brother in Nevada. He really enjoyed it, though he said maybe not that long ever again. Still, if you have kids, it's certainly might be more fun than driving or an airplane.


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