My favorite kind of shoes to wear are Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. The only downfall to wearing them during the Fall and Winter is my feet get frozen. It's a sad realization, but winter is close at hand. But Converse just dropped some news that has me a little excited for snow.

Converse is teaming up with Nike to bring us the brand new Chuck Taylor All Star Waterproof Nubuck. This shoe was designed specifically for the winter season as being waterproof. It comes in four different colors: black, sangria, grey and brown. It's also a unisex style shoe so anyone is free to pick these up.

They are available on right now for $120. Not too bad if you ask me. Chucks can run a little high normally. But with the "nubuck" leather exterior and the classic Chuck Taylor style, I have a feeling these are gonna last a long time. I gotta get my hands on a pair of these soon.

Here is an in depth review of the new boot:


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