Wonder Woman

Some of Patty Jenkins’ ‘Thor’ Plans Made It Into ‘Wonder Woman’
Before signing on for Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins was almost Marvel’s first female director — for Thor: The Dark World. Citing universal uh-oh phrase “creative differences,” Jenkins left that project and later made a deal with Warner Bros. for Wonder Woman. But that doesn’t mean all of her Thor plans have been consigned to the dust of history.
Time Warner CEO Says DC Films Have “a Little Room for Improvement”
So far, the DC cinematic universe hasn’t had a great start. With reviews of Man of Steel, and this year’s Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad leaning towards the negative, the folks in charge are trying anything they can think of to get their next few films in development back on track. Whether those fixes will actually work remains to be seen, but at least the movies’ lackluster performance is being noticed by those on the production side.
USPS Celebrates Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary With New Line Of Stamps [SDCC 2016]
Wonder Woman has been a lot of things to a lot of people over seventy five years. She's an Amazon, a TV star, a spy, a cartoon star, a warrior, a movie star and a bonafide God of War. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of one of comics' most iconic superheroes, the United States Postal Service has issued four Forever stamps chronicling the evolution of Diana of Themyscira from the Golden Age to the present day.