How can a deadline that was pushed back by three months still sneak up on you? Well, it can, and I'm sure, for some folks, it did. Your taxes are due by midnight tonight.

Federal? Yes. Michigan? Yes, too.

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic pushed a lot of deadlines back and taxes was one of them, as a big part of the population was simply trying the get their footing and steady the proverbial ship. But the deadline is here; tonight at midnight.

If you scrambling as you read this, then relax. As long as you have most of your necessary paperwork, like W-2 forms, etc, you'll be fine. It won't be cheap for most people, but it'll be ok.

The most basic federal returns can be done on sites like and turbotax.

But the folks from the Michigan Department of Treasury (kind of like the wolf giving Red Riding Hood tips on safety) sends along this advice, some last minutes ideas how to file.

  • Mail a paper return to the right address.
  • Fill in all requested information clearly. The tax folks are working from home, too, so don't make it any harder on them than it already is.
  • Review all figures. It won't kill you to double check.
  • Get the right routing and account numbers.
  • Sign and date the return. Basic stuff.
  • Submit all the required forms. The last thing you need is an audit.

And you know some folks are going to need even more time, so if you're not close to being done by midnight, get an extension. MI Treasurey says "Taxpayers who owe payment and need more time to file their state individual income tax return can file for a six-month extension by completing an Application for Extension of Time to File Michigan Tax Returns (that's Form 4, for you playing the home version) and have it postmarked by July 15. This allows an extension of time to file, but not to pay. Taxpayers must still pay tax liabilities by July 15."

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