So I started doing some research on the perfect beers to pair with ribs, for if we were going to Ribfest, or, in the case of 2020, maybe doing a home-made DIY Ribfest on your patio. And as the search results came up, I thought, this is right in my wheelhouse.

So the people who know and think about these kind of things say it's dark beers that go best with grilled meats. (Don't get distracted thinking about the fact that any beer goes with a good hamburger. I had a boysenberry sour last night with mine.)

Some people think dark beers are too heavy, but a porter might work you if you feel that way. An Imperial Stout would be on the far end of the other side of the scale. Imperial Stouts clock in at more than 10% ABV and not everyone wants the kick of a mule with their ribs. Actually, a Food Republic article on grilling and beer says just that.

Also, while likely only maybe one or two of the beers in that story are either available around these parts or I'm familiar with, what they're saying is the beer should not overpower the ribs (or any grilled food).

One of the suggestions is a fruitier type IPA. I'm a big fan of Perrin's Blackberry IPA, but might that conflict with a sweeter barbeque sauce. A tasty alternative might be their Grapefruit IPA, which is quite drinkable.

Another suggestion is some sort of Nut Brown Beer. Heineken-owned New Castle Brown Ale might be something for you. Low in ABV and calories, it probably would be perfect for a rib dinner on a warm summer day.

Here's something. If you're doing a DIY Ribfest at home later this year, our hometown Bell's Brewery's Best Brown Ale is a sometimes overlooked gem.

If you're thinking a Porter, which is essentially a cousin of the Stout, one of the best porters around is from Michigan, Atwater's Vanilla Java Porter. The only thing you might have issue with is the vanilla flavor going up against the ribs. Then, again, you just might love dessert with your ribs all at once.

And the picture above; glad you asked. That's Bell's Special Double Creme Stout. Again, it's seasonal, but every time its name comes up, a chorus of Angels does sing on cue.

So enjoy your own Ribfest at home, and if you want to, think about getting a Ribfest t-shirt and helping out the Arc Community Advocates.

Oh, and one more thing. Don't forget to put together a party playlist for the music. Pick a favorite festival type band, and crank it up loud. Honk off the neighbors and really make it Ribfest.

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