Summertime, is made for fun and the Detroit Bike Company just made it sweeter!

I don't think there is anything more fun then a bike ride on a summer evening. Or when I was kid, riding my bike with no hands and flying down the street. Now you can have all those thrills again with a bike that is purely Michigan.

The Detroit Bike company has created a bike that highlights one of Michigan's great treasures, Faygo Soda. As the story is told at it was back in 1907 that...

 Russian immigrant bakers, Ben and Perry Feigenson, begin transforming their frosting flavors into the Faygo we love today.

Now in 2018 another company is making their mark in the world with a tasty ride. The Detroit Bike company is combining their quality bikes with the colors of the Faygo pop. reported that...

Detroit Bikes has the limited-edition Faygo bikes posted for sale on its website. Each bike is made in Detroit, and comes with 700c wheels and three-speed capabilities. Each bike comes in at $749 for those looking to buy one.

The colors or should I say the flavors available for riders are...

  • Red Pop
  • Moon Mist
  • Cotton Candy
  • Grape
  • Orange

Even though the cuteness of Faygo pop colored bikes might encourage you to buy a bike, it is the passion that Detroit Bikes ...

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