A man who's serving time in Kent County Jail has been elected President of the Caledonia Village Council.

WZZM-13 reports that Todd Grinage was elected Tuesday, five days after he was sentenced to serve 60 days in jail for his third operating while intoxicated/impaired offense, which is a felony.

Grinage was arrested June 11 following a traffic stop on Broadmoor Avenue in Caledonia.

In addition to 60 days in jail, a judge sentenced Grinage to 5 years probation. He was ordered to perform 60 hours of community service and pay a $1,000.

His previous convictions occurred in 2008 and 2010.

Grinage's lawyer, Andrew Rodenhouse stated, “I don't know if people knew or not. It wasn't a secret. It’s all part of the public record. He talked about it and never hid if from anybody.”

Rodenhouse also said that a person who has not been named demanded Grinage step down from office or his criminal history would be released to the media. When Grinage refused, the information was released.

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