Meghan Trainor shows her sexy side

“NO” is the first single off of Trainor’s second album, Thank You, that hits store on May 13th. It's a female empowerment song about telling an annoyingly persistent guy to get out of your face.  She has shown some cleavage here and there but in her new music video for "No", she shows a lot more breast.  She's hip-hop dancing in a body suit and laying at the bottom of a pile of women in fishnets and lingerie.  In an interview with Elle, she said,

Yeah, I thought this new album was the new sound, and I thought the hair went perfectly with it. I wanted people to hear my first album and be like, 'Yeah, that's blonde Meghan,’” she told the magazine. “I want people to hear this song and be like, 'Yep, that's the red hair Meghan.

Could she be the next Britney Spears?