We may be in the middle of a pandemic, but for Katy Perry, things are finally coming up "Daisies."

On Thursday (May 14), PopCrush Nights correspondent Kayla Thomas caught up with the glowing, inspiring pop star for a virtual hangout, where Perry dished on her new album, her pregnancy and more. She also revealed why her bright new single, "Daisies," is the song we all need right now during quarantine.

"This is the first official song from the album that's coming [this] summer. Last year was different because I was putting out à la carte [songs] and testing the waters, and just like, playing and not being serious," Perry shared, revealing that she'd been casually working on a new album over the past two years following the release of her album Witness.

"[I was] coming out of a really difficult time in my life where I lost all of my outward validation and didn't meet my own personal expectations professionally," she explained. "I had to go through a real emotional, psychological journey and a reset, for sure. I wrote this record and at the end of the writing process, 'Daisies' came ... It was one of the last songs I wrote but I decided it would be the first one [I released] because it sets the tone. It's a cousin to 'Firework' or 'Roar.' It's empowering, it's resilient, it gives you that 'I can do it!' feeling. It really is a song about staying true to the dreams that you have for yourself no matter what anybody says or comments on your Instagram."

Perry added that during quarantine, however, the song has "taken on a whole new meaning."

"For me, it's like, I've had all this time to reflect. And maybe in that reflection I've realized I've taken some things for granted or put my dreams on a shelf somewhere and always thought they would be reachable, but never thought that my simple freedoms would be taken from me in a weird way," she explained.

"We're still on edge. In California, we're not going anywhere. When we all get to live, but when it's safe to party and live our life ... we are going to live our life, we are going to dance until we have until we have callouses on our feet," Perry continued. "We are going to literally be hugging and kissing. It's going to be a New Year's Eve before New Year's Eve, when it's safe. I hope this is maybe the song that can help remind you that you got another chance at living your best life."

Watch the full interview with Katy Perry and PopCrush Nights below, and stream "Daisies" now.

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