Allegan County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a Kalamazoo man, who was found dead in his car early Monday morning. 

On Monday morning around 1 am reported that...

"A motorist flagged down a deputy at a gas station in Plainwell to report that at a nearby store a man appeared to be passed out in a vehicle and that there was a small child in the back seat."

The police jumped into action, and found that indeed a man was in a car unconscious. When police where able to get to the gentleman, they discovered he was not breathing, and proceeded to preform CPR without success.

The man discovered was identified as Levi Ryan Newcomb, he was only 29 years old. His son, who by all reports seems to be okay, has been placed with family members.

As the investigation into the situation proceeded, it was discovered that there was another man involved. Police at this time are not releasing his name, but it is reported that he was inside the store of the parking lot for up to 2 hours.  Authorities are not sure if the second man was aware that Newcomb had died.

Mlive,com reported that...

"The initial investigation indicates that the deceased "has a history of drug abuse, as well as health issues, that may have played part in his death,."

This is a really sad situation, and I am sorry that a child had to be part of it. My hope is that the little one is being protected by family and friends as this awful situation plays out.





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