World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two
Getty Images

Former Detroit Tigers Pitcher Justin Verlander had the chance to pitch the game that would clinch his first ever World Series Championship game yesterday. Sadly he just didn't have the right stuff as his Astros dropped a 3-1 loss to the L.A. Dodgers moving the series to a deciding game 7 tonight.

Following the game, Verlander commented on his play:

I’m not going to go home tonight and be like, ‘Man, I pitched horribly.’ I feel like I pitched pretty well, and I feel like the National League game dictated that I came out a little quicker than I probably would have. And we’ll see what happens.

JV allowed two runs, three hits and no walks in six innings and struck out nine batters. He also didn't rule out the fact that he may be able to come in as a relief pitcher if necessary:

Right now, yeah, I feel great. But I’ve got to sleep on it, see how I feel [Wednesday].

Let's hope tonight he gets a shot at redemption and get his well earned first championship.


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