A photo taken by Jennifer Aniston's husband has fans thinking he's dissing Brad Pitt?

Justin Theroux 'Shades' Brad Pitt

Photo By:Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DGA

Jennifer Aniston’s hubby Justin Theroux has fans wondering if he dissed Brad Pitt with a photo he just posted on Instagram. It shows featured graffiti that says "[Eff] Brad Pitt." It’s an oversized mural by an artist named Nick Flatt that Justin he took a photo of while he was in Berlin.  But he says he didn't notice that, and he wouldn't quote, "shade Brad, because I'm not eleven years old."  I personally think it’s kind of silly after seeing the photo for myself. It's not hard to believe he could have missed it.  There are a lot of words crammed together, so any one thing would be easy not to notice. - Popcrush


Charlie Sheen Slams the Indians

Photo by: Brad White /Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians in game 6 of the World Series last night… and that evens the series at 3 games apiece, and forces a deciding Game 7 tonight.  So, it’s a BIG night for baseball fans…except for Charlie Sheen.  He is apparently mad at the Indians for not inviting him to throw out the first pitch.  In the middle of last night's game, he Tweeted, quote, "Whoever is idiotically guilty of preventing me from throwing out the first pitch, in any of these home games, well, jus sayin’…7-1, Top of the 5th." Essentially, he’s saying the Indians LOST because they haven’t let him throw the first pitch.  The Indians don't get to the World Series very often, so they're honoring some former players by having them do it as opposed to giving it to Charlie Sheen as part of a cute stunt.  I mean, aside from wearing an Indians jersey in "Major League", he's done nothing for the team. - NY Daily News