Tiger King is one of the most talked about shows of all time already, and one of it's lead figures was actually a Michigan resident for a large part f his life. Jeff Lowe, the man accused of coming in and stealing Joe Exotic's park away from him, lived in Lansing for quite some time. In fact his history with cougars (not THAT kind) in Michigan is that of blood and trauma.

According to the Lansing Journal, there were two separate incidents involving Jeff Lowe and cougars. The first was that in 1988, his pet cougar Rambo, killed a neighbor's Collie. With Lowe's permission, the Clinton County Sheriff's Office ended up shooting and killing the 150-pound cougar. Then, less than a year after his cougar killed the dog, the 24 year old Lowe was mauled by another cougar while cat sitting and had to get 40 stitches in August 1989. The cougar belonged to a friend who had recently moved into an apartment, and Lowe was keeping it in his basement. Bad Call.

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