Michigan has a great culinary, and cultural history. Most people would scoff at whitefish, but in Michigan, we do it right. Paczkis, pasties, and craft beer - it really seems like food is an integral part of Michigan's identity, as well as the people.

Well, I like a good sandwich, and just about every state, or community, has their own signature, or official sandwich. I went to find out what Michigan's is, and low and behold, it was VERY underwhelming.

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In a world of grinders, hoagies, and PB&J, Michigan went about as "white bread" as you possibly could, and is apparently know for... the Ham Sandwich. Delish.com gave us the list of the most "iconic" sandwiches from each state, and YEAH, they chose the HAM SANDWICH for Michigan.

They tried to spruce it up, saying you put it on poppyseed rolls, artisan mustard, house-glazed honey ham, blah blah blah.... It's all a bunch of BS. It's a ham sandwich. Bread, Ham, Mustard, Pickle. This list didn't even put a slice of cheese on it.

And we get it, especially in the Detroit area, you have a lot of blue-collar working people, who would typically pack sandwiches, or seek out a quick sandwich at a diner back in the day, but COME ON!! How underwhelming.

Michigan's State Sandwich
Facebook/Mike's Famous Ham Place

Now, there is some contention here, as Orbitz put out their own list, and says the REUBEN is the official State Sandwich of Michigan. No real reason, other than Detroit has delis, and "It's a great sandwich for the Great Lake State."

State Sandwich of Michigan, Reuben

Feels like a cop-out to me.

Where's the culture? Where's the creativity? Where's the "pizzazz?"

Even Ohio got creative, and said, "Our sandwich isn't even a sandwich, it's a sausage!" They chose the Polish Boy, which is a kielbasa on a bun with fries and hot sauce and coleslaw. It's not a sandwich, but at least it's creative, ya know?

Ohio State Sandwich, Polish Boy

So it got me thinking, there HAS to be some better options, or concoctions to submit as the official State Sandwich of Michigan. To which, I asked our listeners, and they responded with some of their own ideas. And frankly... I like them WAY better than a lame Ham Sandwich.

8 Better Options for the Official State Sandwich of Michigan

Unofficially, the state sandwich is just a ham sandwich. Officially, it's a reuben, which isn't a lot better. SO, we came up with some better ideas that some of YOU even came up with!

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