As the holidays get closer, it's important to remember that although we're all faced with challenges this upcoming season, there are still some people out there who are truly struggling, including kids. Mark Canner is a medical student at Western Michigan University School of Medicine, and last year he held a fundraiser for Bronson Children’s Hospital which had contributions from WMed students, Kalamazoo businesses and video games studios around the world, and was able to purchase a Playstation 4, Xbox One, controllers for both systems and over 40 video games for children at the hospital.

This year, he is working hard to hold the fundraiser again, amidst the pandemic. This year’s focus is on games, including board games, card games, puzzle games and coloring books. Due to Covid-19, the restrictions are a bit more strict: Bronson Children’s will only accept NEW in-packaging items. Once an item is given to a child, the item will go home with that child.

Canner is also taking monetary donations, as he elaborated on his donation inquiry:

To make this process easier, I have created an Amazon List for this fundraiser. I will continue to monitor it and add more items as the need arises. The purchased items are set to ship to Erin Dafoe at WMed, who will keep them safe until they are delivered to Bronson Children’s, around the middle of December. If you would like to make a monetary donation, please do so through Venmo to @cannerm.

Below are dozens of affordable products on the Fundraiser's wishlist. If you'd like to donate them, choose Erin Dafoe's Gift Registry Address under shipping:

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