A metal detector hobbyist made an unexpected discovery at Leila Arboretum and followed it up with some detective work to get the treasure back to its rightful owner.

Remember how proud you were when you got your class ring? It meant you were growing up. It meant you were going to graduate soon and begin life (whatever that means). If you wore it wrapped with yarn or gave it to your girl it meant true love. After it was stolen from his parents house in 88 or 89, Christopher Holley never expected to see his 1983 Hastings High School class ring again.

Fast forward to 2018 and David Obey spending a late-Winter Sunday afternoon at Battle Creek's Leila Arboretum with his metal detector. Outside of the usual common coins, a button and what looks like a cork, David found a class ring. Wanting to do the right thing, he and his wife Lindsey went to work on Facebook and traced the owner all the way to California- more than 2,000 miles away!

The best metal detector find yet as a 35 year old treasure finds its rightful owner who never thought he'd see it again.

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