Michiganders this winter might get better!Who would of thought that El Nino can improve our situation?!?

This winter has been very unpredictable and dare we day, brutal. The snow, the ice, then the crazy warm ups to 40 degrees, but now it is being reported that some nice weather is headed to our state!

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that...

Metrologist Andrew Arnold of the National Weather Service office in White Lake said southeast Michigan is likely to be "on the drier and cooler side of things.

That of course does not mean that we won't see more snow. Arnold went on to say...

Looking at the three-month outlook, it does look like we can see slightly below normal precipitation ... at least through the winter.

Slightly will be better after the amount of snow we have received this winter, but there is a down fall.  Arnold explained that...

The Southwest area is expected to be on the colder side of normal, that doesn't mean we won't see some warmer days. It can vary depending on how things fluctuate.

Mother nature is temperamental and weather can change on a dime, but here is hoping!

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