Anna Faris says she's "deeply thankful" the pet chihuahua she re-homed without authorization -- who was found emaciated in Los Angeles -- was rescued and is on its way to recovery.

Faris adopted the dog — named Pete — four years ago, according to TMZ, from a shelter called Kinder4Rescue. Part of the contract she was required to sign stated Faris would be subjected to a fine should she re-home the dog herself, without the aid of the shelter. But Pete was turned over to the North Hollywood shelter last week, after he was found “emaciated, wandering the street," where his microchip indicated Faris had been the original owner.

"Five years ago I adopted an adorable Chihuahua named Pete, from the Kinder4Rescue Animal Rescue," Faris explained in a statement to PEOPLE. "Unfortunately when our son was born, we discovered that he was allergic to Pete, so I found what I thought was a loving and responsible family to care for him.

“My agreement with the animal rescue required me to contact them first before allowing another family to take Pete in. I failed to do this, and for that I am deeply sorry," the statement continued. "I now understand the dangers of giving animals away for free."

Faris noted Pete will make a complete recovery and thanked those who "sent good wishes, thoughts and prayers for" their former dog.

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Pete has been found and is back in the hands of Kinder4Rescue," she wrote. "I feared that he had been lost forever and, although he is malnourished and in need of care, it seems he is going to make a full recovery. For this, I am so deeply thankful. We appreciate everyone who has sent good wishes, thoughts and prayers for Pete. Thank you!”

This isn’t the first time Faris and her husband Chris Pratt have been criticized for their seemingly blasé attitude toward their pets. Back in 2011, the Parks and Rec actor received death threats after he put his wife’s 15-year-old cat up for adoption on Twitter, explaining on his now-defunct website that the pair “want to start a family” and they “ABSOLUTELY CANNOT have an animal that sh—ts all over the house.”

"If you are a parent you will understand," he continued, according to the Huffington Post. "And if not, that probably explains why you have such a hard-on for cats."

Pratt revealed the couple found a home for their elderly cat, before asking fans to "stop with the harassing tweets!"

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