Come Monday there will be a lot of newbies out celebrating. Take it from a seasoned pro, here is what to avoid.

What to AVOID 

Will's St. Patrick's Day Pics!

  1. Green Beer! It's always draft which is a 50/50 chance of having dirty lines and making you sick, and the green stays with you for days! If the girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't know you are going out for a drink, they will when you come home with a green tongue!
  2. Warm Green Clothing! Yes it will probably be really cold out on Monday, but when you get to the bar you want to hang at, it is going to be REALLY WARM! The first thing you are going to want to do is shed some cloths. Problem is.. it is so packed in the bar there is no place put anything. If it is the only GREEN thing you have on, expect pinching for the rest of the night.
  3. Fun Green Glasses! Like clockwork every year I see someone get angry because drunk girls or guys are constantly trying to take their glasses or hat or whatever they have on them off. Don't spend the night angry, just wear something green and call it a night!
  4. Eating A Large Meal Before! If you are planning on pulling an all day drink-a-thon. You have to pace yourself, and that goes the same for food. A big meal means you are too full to drink beer, which if you are drinking the right kind can fill you up fast! So small meals throughout the day will not only keep you going drinking, it will make sure you don't get belligerent right off the bat! 

These tips should make sure your St. Paddy's Day is awesome! Oh and see you at Old Burdick's Downtown Kalamazoo Monday from 5 to 7!