Battle Creek based Kellogg's is backing 5 Olympic Athletes.  Flint Michigan's 2 time Gold Medal winner Claressa Shields is not one of them.

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At the age of 17, Claressa Shields became the first woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal in Boxing.  You would think the endorsements would be pouring in.  According to this NPR story,

When Shields went home from the London Olympics four years ago, even though she was a gold medal champion, endorsements didn't follow.

Now Shields holds the distinction of being the first boxer of any gender for Team USA to win back to back Gold Medals.  Yet, this Michigan native is not one of the 5 on "Team Kellogg's."

"Team Kellogg's" consist of the following Olympians:

Simone Biles
Tom Shields
Natalie Bieule
Julie Johnston
Ajee' Wilson

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