Tess returned from her 4 day weekend bearing gifts.  

She gave me a 6-pack of Mt Dew, a card that I can't erase from my memory and a massage.

I'm excited about the massage.  It's a $50 gift certificate toward services at Copper Ridge Salon and Spa.  She got it for just $25 from Seize The Deal.  I'm a huge fan of both buying and receiving gifts from Seize the Deal.  You can not beat the prices.  I know, I know...this sounds like a freakin commercial now.  But, I'm being dead serious.  You save 50%...sometimes more, on a ton of products and services.  There's no catch.

In fact, you'll be able to get some pretty amazing stuff at very low prices when the Seize the Deal Auction begins on Monday Sept, 12th.

Everything from home improvement to spa services and restaurant certificates.  You don't want to miss out.

Get a preview of the items up for bid right now by clicking below.  This is going to be AWESOME!