This morning we had a call from a woman who was very irritated by the fact she was stuck on I-94 behind 2 semi trucks who were going the same speed in both lanes.

I have shared the same frustration driving early in the morning on my way to work. I start to wonder "Are you doing this on purpose" or "Get out of the fast lane, so I can get to work and not be late." Their are other words that I say, but I say those with my inside voice:)

Thanks to Mark for calling us and explaining why the dudes and dudette's of the trucker world do such a thing! PS. I feel less hostile:)

This is done on purpose and supposedly it actually keeps traffic moving faster when there is an upcoming slowdown such as a construction site or accident.

Consider that when a lane is closed for construction, there are always some drivers that will not merge into the open lane until the last moment. This causes people to have to stop to let them in and creates a bottleneck even though there were (or should have been) warning signs miles ahead of the closed lane. Eventually, this behavior multiplies and traffic slows to a crawl.

The truckers are trying to get everyone slowed down and in order before there is a chance for a bottleneck to form. The idea is that driving slowly for a short while is better than stopping for even longer. KFR Driver Mark