A cancer survivor now has to shave his tongue.

According to the Daily Mirror, a 48-year-old guy from England went to the doctor because he had trouble swallowing.  Doctors then found a tumor on his tongue, and fortunately they were able to remove it before the cancer spread.  In order to remove the cancerous tumor, surgeons had to remove part of this poor guy's tongue.

Once he was healed up, he wasn't able to speak because part of his tongue was missing!  Because of technology nowadays, surgeons were able to repair it by yanking some skin off of his forearm (skin graft) and attaching it to his tongue.  It worked because the guy was able to speak again, but, he had a few side effects.  His tongue was numb and he lost some of his taste buds but, the most CRAZY side effect of all, it started growing arm hair.  Yes, arm hair.

He now has to shave his tongue! He says it doesn't bother him or his wife when they kiss.  My question is, how can prickly tongue hair NOT bother them?  Sand-paper tongue?  Hey, at least he kicked that cancer's butt!

Photo By: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images