After we are done with our show, we go to our work area in the basement to get our other responsibilities done. Well, a few days ago I saw something shocking! I was coming out of the bathroom and the door hit something. I thought it was someone's foot trying to be funny knowing I was in the bathroom. Well, it wasn't. It was a big mouse or baby rat! It has made an appearance a few times since the beginning of the week.

Today as I was going downstairs to finish some work up, there it was right in front of me! I almost stepped on it. I was curious why it wasn't running away, then, as I looked closer, I saw it was injured. Tess came down soon after, caught it in a box, and put it outside.

Now, I thought it was a mouse, but Tess insists its tail is way too long for a mouse. She thinks it is a baby rat, which only means there are MORE RATS DOWN THERE!  Can you help us out with this? Is it a mouse? Or a rat?