Walked into work today to have my heart skip a beat!

The Halls Of WKFR


I came into the office this morning to find photo's of our team posted on the wall, free breakfast, and games being played in the basement. Our managers decided to have a team building day. This is just one of the great things they do to pump us up and make us feel important.

Everyone has bad days, but when you work for a company that believes in it's employees and their worth, life is pretty good.

I know I am one of the lucky ones so I did some research on how to know if you work for a good company.

Linkedin.com had some great advice when you are job searching and considering a company to work for...

1. "Great companies demonstrate a real commitment to continuous learning."


2. "Great companies are meritocracies. Pay and promotions are tightly linked to performance, and rigorous appraisal systems consistently make people aware of where they stand."


3. "Great companies not only allow people to take risks but also celebrate those who do. And they don’t shoot those who try but fail."


4. "Great companies understand that what is good for society is also good for business. Gender, race, and nationality are never limitations; everyone’s ideas matter."


5. "Great companies keep their hiring standards tight. They make candidates work hard to join the ranks by meeting strict criteria that center around intelligence and previous experience and by undergoing an arduous interview process. Talent has an uncanny way of attracting other talent."

Have a great day at work today, and if you don't, I hope you find a place that will value what you bring to the table!