Luke's mother died soon after they recorded this heart-melting video.

I found a tear-jerking story this morning on The Mirror Post. It's what I call a "door closer."  Basically, I have to get up and close my office door so nobody sees me crying like a little girl at work.

Kristeen and Luke have been together for 8 years previous to their wedding day where this video takes place.

Luke's new bride breaks down into tears as he pulls his mother onto the dance floor for a special mother-and-son dance. The groom's mother suffers from ALS and is bound to her wheelchair. That doesn't stop Luke from spinning his mom around the dance floor and wiping away her tears to Mariah Carey's song "Hero."

“That was probably the most touching moment I have ever experienced,” Kristeena told The Mirror Post. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.”

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(WARNING: You will need to close your door and grab tissue before watching the video below.)