We have had an amazing fall, but now Mother Nature is going to change things up! Snow is on the way!


The great mitten state is lucky enough to experience all season changes, and now a new one is on the horizon. Temps are going to fall and the Lake effect snow will arrive!

According to Mlive.com...

"This weekend's snow will all be lake effect snow. The cold air aloft will be in place by Saturday afternoon, when rain should start changing to snow in northwest Lower and the Upper Peninsula. Saturday night and early Sunday morning is when the heaviest snow will fall in northern Michigan. Even southern Michigan should get cold enough Saturday night for a few periods of snow to mix with rain showers.

The ground and roads are very warm. Unless the snow is heavy, the snow will melt just after it falls. This will mostly be true in southern Lower. So I wouldn't expect any major winter travel problems in southern Michigan."

It is time to get out the winter wear and prepare for a white Christmas!