Men have a reputation for being pretty gross in the bathroom...

FemaleFirst came up with a list of the 10 WORST bathroom habits men have.  I have personally been affected by all 10.  Mind you, this all came from a survey of WOMEN.

1.  "Using up the toilet paper and not replacing the roll."  This is one of those pet peeves of mine that men AND women are guilty of.  I don't think this should be ranked number one, and I definitely don't think men should be singled out for it.

2.  "Stinking up the room." I stink up the bathroom, it's life!

3.  "Leaving a mess in the toilet bowl."  There's a toilet handle, a plunger, and a brush located behind the toilet...use them!

4.  "Spending too long in there."   You can't tell your colon, "Hey!  Hurry up in there!"  However, you can try your best to time it out.  It seems like men spend too much time in the bathroom when we are in a hurry and need in there.

5.  "Leaving the seat up."  Will says we leave the seat down, but I think it's good etiquette to put the seat down for guests.  Plus, I don't want to see the poo stains on the bowl...ew.

6.  "Leaving wet towels on the floor."  Everyone knows what soiled towel smells like.  Why do I have to be the one that picks it up?  Plus, If you hang it up, you can use it again! If you leave it lying there damp, you have to throw it in the washer or it starts to smell!  Guys, please just clean up after yourselves.

7.  "Not cleaning up after shaving, so little hairs are all over the place."  Invest in a suction mirror and hang it in the shower.  If you shave in the shower, complaint averted!  Or just wipe it up when you're done.

8.  "Using their wife or girlfriend's products."  I don't mind this one because I buy products for the smell, and I don't mind smelling myself on him :P If I spend a lot of money on the products then I ask him to be frugal.

9.  "Changing the shower settings."  Women get mad about this one?  He doesn't like the same shower pressure as you...get over it.

10.  "Missing the toilet when they pee."  THIS ONE GRINDS MY GEARS.  I've only lived with one guy and he used to leave the toilet seat down while he urinated.  Weird in and of itself, but when I would sit down, I sat in urine!  I never noticed until I pulled my pants up and felt damp spots.  GROSS!!

Come on guys, it's not very hard...just THINK before you leave the bathroom.

Photo by David Kennedy/Getty Images