WMU has released a survey that claims 80% of students say they feel safe and supported by both the staff and faculty of Western Michigan Univ. in regards to sexual violence.

ThinkStock; Arman Zhenikeyev

In a release, WMU said these were the major findings:

            • A full 80 percent of WMU respondents reported feeling safe on campus, while 85 percent felt faculty were genuinely concerned about their welfare and 76 percent felt the same about campus administrators.

            • Nearly one in three women students arrives on campus having experienced at least one incident of unwanted sexual contact in their pre-college years.

            • Of those surveyed, 63 percent knew where to go for help if they or a friend experienced sexual violence, and 61 percent knew the range of confidential services available to them when they report an incident of sexual violence.

            • Three out of four survey takers reported confidence that when someone reports an incident, the University takes it seriously and the same number felt the University would use formal procedures to fairly address such a report.

"As we look at this data, its' clear we need to continue our efforts to make sure every student knows what constitutes sexual misconduct as well as how and where to to report an incident," Felicia Crawford, WMU's director of Title IX compliance, is quoted as saying.