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This Was Kalamazoo's Hottest Dance Club - Now It's A Garage Door
123 South Street. That's all it is now. A garage door at an address. But if said "Party on the Bayou", a whole generation of Kalamazooans would probably smile. Maybe even wince a little, too (at memories of a few mornings after, not to mention a few walks of shame)
Tigers Still Owe Miguel Cabrera Well Over Nine Figures
By now, you probably know the Tigers' best player and future Hall of Famer, first baseman Miguel Cabrera is out for the season with a ruptured bicep tendon. But it isn't his on-field presence they're going to miss. The problem is how much money they still owe him.
Living the Dream; A Beer Scholarship
"Congratulations, you've won a beer scholarship". It's not quite as amusing as that, but at first glance, it does sound like a dream come true. And for one WMU student, it is.
'That SOB Won My Money' And Other Illogical Thoughts
Have you ever had that thought? You check your lottery numbers and the pot is back to square one. Arghh! "Somebody won my money!" Well, somebody in Kalamazoo county did just that a couple of weeks ago. He won "my money"
21 Years Ago When Red Wings Won The Stanley Cup
June 7th, 1997. I'm pretty sure any Red Wings die-hard remembers that date like it was yesterday. It was the night the Red Wings finally won the Stanley Cup, after a 42 year drought of, at times, epic proportion.