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Horror Fans, Scream: Original Michael Myers Is Coming To Niles
If you just can't get enough of scary horror movies, and you love haunted houses, this may be the perfect scenario for you. The original Michael Myers from the first Halloween movie will be at Niles Scream Park. However, it will cost you.
There's So Much More Art Prize To See Than We Did
It's Art Prize Time in and around downtown Grand Rapids. We spent Saturday afternoon in-between birthday celebrations walking around and there's so many photos I want to share with you.
Benson: 'It Was Like Going To Foreign World, Another Planet'
Right near the top of my list of phrases I hate is "I'm really easy to shop for". You know how some people can't wrap their minds around directions or algebra. Ok, for me, it's gift giving. I was all set this year for Kathy's birthday. And then disaster happened.
Check Your Freezer; Deadly Ground Beef Recall Announced
You may want to check your freezer, just in case. The USDA says a major Colorado meat processor has recalled for over 132,000 pounds of ground beef from the beginning of summer. But if you bought ground beef and froze it, it might be worth taking a look.
WMU Opens Manufacturing Lab in Grand Rapids
A year ago, Western Michigan University announced a collaborative effort with Grand Rapids Community College, and with West Michigan manufacturers to help ease the need for talent in manufacturing. Wednesday, the first examples of that effort were put on display.
Borgess Hospital Gets A New Name
The city's first hospital is getting a new name. Borgess Hospital, which came to be in 1889, will renamed to match up with its corporate siblings.
Leverage: What Striking Westnedge Construction Workers Have
It's always good to have a bargaining chip in any kind of dispute, especially a labor dispute. That may be the case for the workers on Westnedge, as the summer long nightmare project nears completion. but for now, work to complete the project has stopped.
Report: Tigers Broadcasters Impemba, Allen Got Into A Fight
If you were watching Wednesday night's Tigers game from Chicago, maybe you too thought it was interesting that Matt Shepherd and Kirk Gibson were announcing the game. The Athletic- Detroit's Katie Strang is reporting it's because