Students from Portage Northern High School and Portage Central High School are hitting the streets to raise money for the March Of Dimes.

stevewanstall reported...

"Students from both Portage Northern and Portage Central will be going door to door in Portage asking for donations of any monetary value and in return, donors will receive a loaf of bread."

All donations will go to 'March of Dimes' to assist in their fight against premature births. This is the 51st anniversary of this fundraiser, and the students goal this year is $22,000! Last year the one day event took in just over $21,000, and the students are looking to exceed that number.

Madison VanWinkle, vice president of Portage Northern's student senate told

"they (the students) plan to hit every Portage neighborhood by 4 p.m."

So on Saturday November 19th between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm there is a knock at your door, it's just some great kids helping out a great cause