It happens pretty much every year. The lists of the most-popular baby names come out, followed by some of the odder ones.

Looking at BabyCenter, it found more than few.

Thinkstock, Sergey Borisov

Check out the Unusual and Surprising Baby Names to see the oddest 50 girls and 50 boys names of 2014.

According to BabyCenter's website, it compiled the list by the nearly half-a-million parents who shared their baby's name with Baby Center in 2014. Each name on the list was given to at least three children.

This year, 52 percent of parents said they liked unusual names — that's up from 43 percent last year, according to BabyCenter's annual baby-naming survey.

How desperate must you be, or how goofy, to name your kid "Guru" or "Yolo?"

Yes, people are doing that.

The Huffington Post noticed the kids who are named after brands, such as "Audi," "Dior," "Dodge," "Hennessy," "Hilton," "Nivea," "Royce" and "Sephora." You would name your kid "Nivea?" The skin cream that grandma uses? Really?

The TV show Game of Thrones is inspiring baby names, too, but many did not make BabyCenter's list. Names like "Arya," "Tyrion," "Daenerys" and "Theon" are popping up in the U.K. and America.

Careful with that. A: It will becomes dated fast. And B: You may think you're so smart or clever, but the kid is going have to take the abuse. (And kids are often nasty to each other, or did you forget that?)

If you remember the '90s romantic comedy movie Mad About You, the great Mel Brooks played Uncle Phil. One of the episodes dealt with name the Buchman's baby. He wanted them to name their future baby after him, but it turns out his real name was "Deuteronomy." And he lets them off the hook, remembering that kids had teased him, calling him "Dootie."

Let this be a lesson to everyone.