Waking up sneezing?  Starting your day with puffy eyes?  Both members of the Morning Mayhem are feeling the affects of an early allergy season.

There's no doubt that the Michigan allergy season has gotten off to an early, powerful start.  Here are a few ways to deal with allergies according to WebMD.com,

  1. Limit your time outdoors since pollen is the bad guy here
  2. Take your allergy medicine before your eyes get watery and you're sneezing
  3. Shut all windows and use your air conditioner instead of a fan when it gets warm

Learn more about allergy relief at WebMD.com.

MLive also has a couple interesting ways to deal with allergies in a recent article.

  1. Change your clothes when you come inside for the day
  2. Shower at the end of the day
  3. Do a nasal rinse using salt with distilled water

This MLive article goes on to say that we may be in for not just an early allergy season, but a long one.

How do you deal with your allergies?


By the way...if I sneezed on you.  I'm sorry!